Halloween Message

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Tomorrow is Halloween, and while I am not crazy about Halloween I am also not opposed to Halloween. I don't claim that my Christian faith makes me cringe when Halloween comes about every year, it's mainly people's behavior that makes me dislike to Halloween.

Halloween is the day that girls decide it is socially acceptable to be slutty. Dresses get even shorter and more low cut. Hooker heels become acceptable.


Would you normally be brazen enough to wear any of this? No. But for some reason the calendar flicking over to October 31 makes it acceptable. A night without repercussions.

The thing is there are actually consequences. The wild parties lead to drunken debauchery and hangovers. And that's just the tip of my unimaginative nightmare.

What am I going to be tomorrow? Boring.

I plan on staying home, ordering a pizza and watching a horror movie. That is my ideal Halloween. Pay homage to sugar, carbs and the horror film gods named Craven, Carpenter & Hitchcock. With a little It's the Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown thrown in.

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I don't always plan to blog around people's flickr photos but this was too amazing to pass up. Check out her pavement set, she's amazing.



Day of the Zed
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Evidently Toronto has a Zombie Walk.

How frickin' cool is that?

It involves groups of people dressing in their best zombie garb and parading around the streets of Torono as zombies, culminating in a movie screening.

California contains the movie epicenter - why do we not have something as cool as this?