Random Fact of the Day

I found out last night that Steven Spielberg was 26 when he made Jaws. That makes me happy as I am 26.


Grown Up

hot pink grownups
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Does anyone else ever feel like they're just a kid playing grown up.

I feel like that most of the time.


Stress Is A Funny Thing

I'm doign the part of filmmaking that I hate right now - the nuts and bolts of scheduling, etc. I can do it, but I dislike it. I feel like it detracts from my time as director, and that starts to bothe rme even more. But I know at this point in my career it is nessecary for me to do all of this.

I just need to keep telling myself that God is with me, and there are lots of people out there who love me and want to help me so it wall all be okay.

Please remind me of this from time to time when I start to get too stressed.

I'm trying to get that part done so I can concentrate on the part that I do love - directing.



I wish all year could be like this.

As sad as I am over the death of Stan Winston, I am charged and excited. Why? Comic-Con is in July and I am planning a feature film shoot for August/September. I am waiting for God to put all the cards in place while I twitter around trying to do things.

I feel amazing and hope this buzz lasts.

BTW - people, I've said it and I'll say it again. It's your fault if you can't go to Con. I've been telling ya'll for months to buy your tickets early! June is not early. I won't tell you when I bought mine as I am not giving away my secrets, but it was EARLY.



T2 Shoot
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Ain’t It Cool News broke the story of Stan Winston’s death before any other publication. Like so many of us fans, geeks, we know what the death of this man means to the industry and that the mainstream press has no idea of what is true impact will continue to be on filmmaking, and will therefore not give him the tribute he deserves. Please visit Ain’t It Cool News and see the ever growing tribute to this master.

Below are what I thought were some of the most inspirational things people have said about Stan’s passing so far. I hope one day that I can garner a fraction of the endearment and respect that these individuals had not just for Stan’s work, but for Stan himself.

We talked for a long time about all the fun times, and all the dragons we'd slain together. He said that once you've shown something is possible, everybody can do it. What was important was being first. Breaking new ground.

James Cameron

Hollywood has lost a shining star.

Jon Favreau

I was amazed that even if you weren't Cameron or Spielberg, a legend like Stan would treat you with the same respect he'd give those guys.

Jonathon Liebsman

As revered an industry figure as he was, he was still basically the kid who loved movies and broke into the business for the magic of it, and he never let go of that attitude.

Frank Darabont

Stan took make-up effects out of the garage and made it a respectable business.

Rick Baker

But here’s what I remember: me and Stan, at four in the morning, throwing a dummy onto a spike just like when I was 12 years old in my backyard making 8mm movies with my friends. I’m sure the crew thought we were crazy. But man, the memory was worth it.

Fred Dekker


Stan Winston

Stan Winston created the illusions that made the movies real to me as a child. He died yesterday and this actually makes me incredibly sad. Winston was only 62, and I thought he had years of movies left in him.

Please go to The Director Is In to to read my tribute to this Hollywood legend.

A Legend Is Gone

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Stan Winston died yesterday. Hollywood has lost a great.


Random Quote # 10 of many...

"[A movie] is not about what it's about, but how it is about it."

Roger Ebert


Random Quote # 9 of Many...

"Thanks to Mr. and Mrs. Bernard Shaw for countless suggestions of great value and diversity: and for all the present semicolons."

T.E. Lawrence


Movie Buddy

Seriously, I need a new movie buddy. I appreciate all my friends who say they'll go to the movies with me but in reality my taste in movies tends to scare them half the time. In response to that here's my "qualifications" for an ideal movie buddy.

  • Must enjoy seeing movies opening weekend, preferably opening day. Crowds should not be a deterrent. [Willing to see midnight screenings of anticipated movies is a major plus, but not necessarily required.]
  • Enjoys seeing movies that are in limited release, and occasionally willing to drive far to see them. [Ex: No Country for Old Men was first released only in LA, I drove to the ArcLight just to see it despite the fact that it would be in Orange County in a few weeks.]
  • Must display an interest in Flashback Features screenings, or at least a willingness to try them out.
  • Must have an interest in movies that pre-date 1995 or even 1975…
  • An extensive film vocabulary is a major plus, and if you’ve heard of or seen films that I haven’t that propels you into rock star status.
  • At least limited knowledge of foreign films & filmmakers is required. I can build on that.
  • Major plus if your DVD collection rivals mine.

*This list can be added to or altered at any time.