Random Quote # 3 of Many

"No! It's too much. I'm an American, you gotta take it down a notch."

Carrie Bradshaw
Sex & the City


Christmas Haul

Doc's Day 22
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Paris Je T'aime DVD
City of God DVD
Sound of Music DVD
Pirates of teh Carribean: Far Side of the World DVD
Blankets by Craig Thompson
Superman Disc Shooter
Pewter Wall Cross
Harvey's Gift Card
Movie Reels Wall Art
Superman Wall Sign
Original Spiderman theatrical poster
Science Fiction Cinema Between Fantasy and Reality by Christine Cornea
Enchanted Soundtrack


Christmas from CA

SoCal Christmas Trees
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Well, Christmas is nearly here. It's going to be an eventful one at my house. For the first time in years we are going to have a lot of family over on Christmas Day. Should be interesting.

I also get the wonderful event of working all day Christmas Eve. Aren't I lucky.

Good thing for me I'm tough, and I secretly actually kind of like working on Christmas Eve because it's usually really easy.


Santa's Sleigh

Santa's Sleigh
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So Christmas is officially 20 days away and I already feel like I'm not going to be ready in time for the holiday. Of course this may also be due to the fact that I already know that the weekend before Christmas is going to be crazy for me as I am working Christmas Eve, and my manager will be out of town that weekend and the other assistant manager and I will be picking up the slack. It should still be a good weekend, but that tends to be the time that I traditionally get all ready and prepared.

Christmas Eve is typically spent with my grandparents so I have to get eveything done (shopping, wrapping, etc.) by the 23rd.


Job Hunting

Bronson Gate
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Here I am, looking for a job after the holiday season is over. I've applied for the DGA training program, but it will be quite a while before I hear back from them, and I am working on getting a movie made...but at this point that does not pay.

I miss working at a movie studio. I would love to actually find a job in the industry. Suggestions?