Thanksgiving Humor

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Tomorrow is Thanksgiving and I don't know about you but mine is going to be a bit different than ususal. I have decided to keep optimistic and enjoy myself! I have a lot to do over the next four days!

BTW - I just thought this picture was too amazing not to share. Enjoy the image on the right and remember to enjoy your Thanksgiving as well.

Happy Thanksgiving!


Weekend Update

* My best friend passed the California Bar!!! Go Stefanie!!!
* The holidays have started at Disneyland. I went and it was gorgeous!
* I somehow lost an hour between 11:30 and 12:30 – can’t figure out how…Stefanie and I thought it was 11:30 when we were exiting Disneyland, and when we got to the car it was 12:30.

* Saw Madagascar 2 when I got together with my brother.
* Shopped around for odd sized frames for my graduation present – I graduated from college in 2005.
* Watched Brand Upon the Brain. That is a strange movie.

* Went shopping with my Mom.
* Bought the frames for my graduation present and framed the two sided Widescreen Film Festival poster from my senior year. Haven’t finished the framing for the WFF booklet – that’s a lot of work to pull it apart and lay it out. It will be huge.
* Decided I want a Christmas tree in my bedroom, a regular size one.
* Watched Strictly Ballroom to prepare for my Red Curtain Trilogy commentary for the feature of the month at Everything You Always Wanted to Know About Film*.
* Read some Sookie Stackhouse.
* Watched The Day the Earth Stood Still.

Reviews for my weekend movie watching will be up soon on The Director Is In.


Random Quote #22 of Many...

"Use the information I have just given you to work the system."

My Boss this morning


Random Quote # 21 of Many...

PEOPLE: You turned 40 Oct. 12 and now you're the Sexiest Man Alive. What was your wife's response?
Jackman:God bless her, she said, "I could've told them that years ago!" And then she said, "Obviously, Brad wasn't available this year." And I said, "That was a joke, right?"

People Magazine


Santa Ana Winds

They're back! It's November 15th - why does it have to be 90 degrees and so dang dry????

I hate the winds and I want fall weather back!


Random Quote # 20 of Many

Dean: Sam – too much information.
Sam: I told you I was coming clean.
Dean: Yeah, but now I feel dirty.




Joaquin Phoenix is confusing me greatly. He is leaving acting for music. He’s announced this retirement.

What I cannot understand is that he’s so wholly dropping acting. I understand he’s been doing it for years and probably wants a new challenge, but he’s so dang good at it and hasn’t proved he’ll be a great musician yet – so why announce you’re giving up movies without establishing yourself in the other path?

As much as I love Phoenix I think this decision will probably end up in the category that all stars use for statements like this after they fall on their face – the “I didn’t really mean that, even though I said that” category.

Read the full story on cnn.com.



John Connor en Terminator 4
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So does anyone else find it funny that Britian has actually launched Skynet?

Seriously, if you could name your new military program after something why would you chose the program that killed humanity in fiction?

Full story here: Skynet.