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Everyone has those co-workers; by those co-workers I mean the ones that you don’t directly work with but they work in some mysterious department at the company and you don’t know where but they stand out to you because you can’t not notice them – and not nessecairily for positive reasons. They could still dress like it’s the disco days, think should pads are in, have the laughter or sneeze that carries through walls, or perhaps they greet everyone with the wrong name. There is one such person in my office and she stands out, but for none of the reasons I’ve listed above. My standout co-worker smells like cupcakes.

By smells like cupcakes I don’t mean to say she bakes a lot and comes in smelling like her projects. She does it voluntarily – it’s her perfume. This smell alone would not be enough to make her stand out in a sea of coworkers, until I tell you that she marinates in it.

This is no faint whiff of cupcakes that you catch if you happen to be near her. No. This is a scent that you can smell across a room, that sticks in a hallway after she walks by and that lingers long after she has left the area.

It is a smell so strong that it wasn’t for months until the people in my department and I realized that someone wasn’t bringing in fresh baked goodies and walking them through the office – it was a person walking through the office. It took us even longer to find the person attached to the scent because you can’t smell it until she’s right upon you and if she’s walking through the area the scent lingers much longer than she does. I am still not sure if I’ve seen the cupcake co-worker from the front.

This is a plea to all women that wear perfume on a regular basis. Please make sure that it smells lovely, but that you make sure to not wear so much that people can sense your scent long after you have left for the day.


Random Quote #51 of Many...

"When what's left of you gets around to what's left to be gotten, what's left to be gotten won't be worth getting, whatever it is you've got left."

Phil Davis
White Christmas



James Cameron is added to my list of people I want to be when I grow up.


Christmas at Work

I am trying to bring some Christmas spirit to work.

I found this little tree at Target. He's battery operated and has color changing, fiber optic lights. A co-worker decided he needed decorating so she gave me a candy cane ornament.

December is pretty much one of our slowest months at work. Hence, the blogging. But gosh darn it, I am going to enjoy it! I've worked in so many jobs where December is this franticaly hectic, awful time where you just want the holidays to be over and done so I am enjoying the change!



I was driving to the freeway and saw this guy. He has the single most interesting sign I have ever seen a homeless person have. It was lots of pieces and other signs all taped together into one elaborate piece. I wish I'd had my real camera and not just my phone.

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