tax time
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I'm going to be getting a decent sized refund on my federal taxes. Yay! Now I need to figure out what to do with it... My initial reaction is to buy the D-SLR I really want but the responsible half of my brain is telling me to use it to start really paying off my credit card debt so that I can then save up for the things I want to buy.

Being a grown up is tough. At least I have until I get the check to decide what to do.

And get this - even though I am getting several hundred from the fed, I have to pay the state $17. How does that work? And why does the amount I owe the state always end with a 7???


I Wish

view from my workspace
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I have to get out of my work situation but it seems like I am stuck. When I apply for things I never hear anything and my film is not getting any traction. Therefore I am a rat in a maze unable to do anything but repeat the same pattern over and over again.

How much would I rather jump into this photo and be able to be inspired here and work at something I love? You have no idea.

I am tired. Tired of being drained, squelched, complained at and angry that I watch the same patterns at work over and over again.

I want to be over it.

I want to move on.

God please help me.


New Craziness

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So my coworkers have talked me into it I think. I think I will be doing the Rock N Roll Half Marathon in San Diego in June.


The part that scares me is training. But if I can stick tot he training I can do it!!!



Welcome to the Gaslamp
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I am seriosuly pining to be in San Diego at the moment. I love the atmosphere there and the city and everything about it. I feel a trip in my near future. I just have to go and go soon.

I should just move there. Maybe I can have an artist pad there one day in downtown.



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This is what I really want right now. But as I am trying to be a good girl, do my body good and loose some weight I will be avoiding the urge to stop at a grocery store on my way home tonight. In fact I think I am gonig to cut this blog entry short because this picture alone is making me even more hungry than I already am.




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A new, pretty camera is high on my wish list. I am currently using a Cannon Digital Elph model that's almost 5 years old and it's getting to the point where it's starting to show its age. I think it's time that I use my photographic talents to their fukk extent and upgrade.

I want the Cannon Rebel. I like Cannon and the Rebel is the most bang for the buck I can afford to shell out. I am really hoping I can put some funds together by the summer to get it. Maybe there will be a nice holiday sale come Memorial Day or Fourth of July...


END Following

So my film END now has a facebook and twitter. Please follow us or become a fan!

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Thank you all!


Oscar You Done Me Wrong

I love Oscar posters. Through time they've been really different and fun. I even have one in my poster collection. Here's some I found, I think you'll agree they're interesting.








All of them are pretty cool right? Graphic, fun, and posters you'd want to display. And then there's 2010...

This looks like an advertisement from TV Guide!