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Love makes people crazy. Everyone knows this, there’s cliché’s about it and yet still people’s wackiness and willingness to lie while in love is astounding to me. This was brought to light because of two crazy articles I found on cnn.com this week. Each of these stories is at a different level of crazy on the crazy spectrum.

The first you may have heard of or it may have gotten brushed under the rug because it took place in Florida on Christmas Day; the story can be read here: Woman Faked Missing baby Story to Win Back Ex.

The headline in this story is deceiving. It makes you think that this woman put her baby in danger (real or fake) to win back the guy she wants. Ehhh!!!! – wrong answer. This 22 year old psycho told her ex that she gave birth to his baby when there was no baby, she invented the story to try to entice her ex back into her life. On Christmas Day said baby would have been 5 months old and turning out to be a good guy the supposed father showed up on the ex girlfriends stoop to spend time with his son – but remember there is no son. Instead of doing what any sane person would do and coming clean to the ex and admitting that you made up the son to get him face to face with you again this psycho ex decided that the best thing to do would be to tell the former beau that their son had been kidnapped. This went so far as to put out and Amber alert and the distraught “mother” & “father” ended up on the news pleading for their sons safe return before people finally figured out she had never even been pregnant. I feel bad for the ex in that scenario – here he thought he was doing the right thing, goes through a huge emotional rollercoaster and it turns out it was all a lie.

The other story isn’t as literally insane, but it is definitely a lie that involved love that got way out of hand and remained out of hand for decades. Read the story here: Holocaust ‘Greatest’ Love Story a Hoax.

This story has been around for decades. It’s about a boy in a concentration camp during WWII whom a girl on the outside would toss an apple to every day over the fence and after the war they met and eventually were married and have been married ever since. This became a famous international love story that spawned books and even a session on the Oprah show. As it turns out the boy (now a man) was in a concentration camp, but that’s not where he met his wife and no one ever tossed him apples over the fence. Now that some scholars have manned-up and pointed out that this apple-tossing scenario is very nearly impossible the man came out and said that he made the story up to inspire people. My question: how exactly do you inspire people when you turn the truth into a lie?

I am kind of glad that these stories hit now, because if they hit in February people would want to cover them up in Valentine’s Day wrappings.


Best Christmas Present Ever

Best Christmas present ever. Caryn got me my first credit on IMDB. It's completely viewable here.


Random Quote #25 of Many...

Gordon's Son: Why is he running Dad?

Gordon: Because we have to chase him.

Gordon's Son: But he didn't do anything wrong.

Gordon: Because he's the hero Gotham deserves, but not the one it needs right now. So we'll hunt him. Because he can take it. Because he's not our hero. He's a silent gaurdian. A watchful protector. A dark knight.

The Dark Knight

Going Paperless

Going Paperless
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So we started a new program at work this week that we were told would help us be paperless...the thing that I don't understand is that we are using just as much paper as ever, it's just getting printed at a different step.

I think it's false advertising.

Instead of myself and the other art coordinators taking care of printing the paperwork and letting the artists sift through the work stack and pull out jobs the jobs are electronically sorted and the artist prints out the order and the proof after they are done.

Seriously, how does that help cut down on paper?

Plus we've begun to encounter the fact that we are "paperless" but our clients are not all electronic so they are still faxing things to us and we had to figure out how to deal with that when that happens. We decided to scan the faxes and make them electronic, but we still have the original paper fax.

How are we saving paper?


The Curious Case of NBC

NBC announced last night that when Conan takes over the coveted Late Night 11:30 time slot instead of running to a rival network Jay Leno will be getting a new time slot – 10 pm Monday through Friday. This is great for Jay Leno, but ultimately kind of a stupid decision. Maybe I am slightly biased as I am a struggling filmmaker, but this decision sucks.

For those not used to thinking about things like TV schedules pause and think – what currently plays between 10-11 pm?
Monday - My Own Worst Enemy
Tuesday - Law & Order: SVU
Wednesday - Law & Order
Thursday - ER
Friday - Dateline NBC.
With the exception of Friday night these are all adult, scripted dramas which get a very good amount of viewership. ER, and the Law & Order’s will bring NBC a lot of money due to syndication as well.

While Leno is cheaper to produce than a scripted series, Leno has not had the viewership that something like Law & Order has had; you can possibly account this to his current time slot, but in the same vein there is no guarantee that people will watch Leno at 10, and even further that they will watch Leno at 10 and still watch Conan at 11:30. Rather than watching both programs it is likely viewers will divide with the older generation still watching Leno and the younger still watching Conan and sticking around for Jimmy Fallon afterwards. This decision also screws NBC royally as I’ve never seen a talk show go into syndication – no one is screaming to see repeats of old Jay Leno’s on cable, you only occasionally see episodes of Johnny Carson on a channel or two.

I am appalled that NBC is decreasing their programming by 4-5 prime time hours. It again proves to me that NBC is still faltering because they are no longer the number one network and cannot figure out how to get back there.


Santa Claus...Ewww

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I hit a whole new level of disturbing over the weekend and I don’t think I can go back.

My grandfather played Santa Claus for his American Legion outpost. Not only did I not know this till I went to my grandparents house this weekend but I found out by being shown pictures of this Santa Claus. The new level of disturbing comes into play because he kept showing me the picture he liked of the hot female bartender who was wearing reindeer antlers sitting on his lap.

Those images stay with you forever. I’d really like to wash out my brain right now. Ugh.

The image to the right is not this picture. Even if I could share the actual image I would not – it’s too scarring.


Random Quote # 24 of Many...

"Listen, Touch of Evil's playing near my hotel. You wanna go check it out? Watch Charlton Heston play a Mexican?"

Chili Palmer
Get Shorty


Random Quote # 23 of Many...

"It's just like American Gladiators but with cooler accents and better names."

BBC Amercia
Review of UK Gladiators