My weekend took an unexpected twist when I ended up at the griffith observatory instead of the LA zoo. However, it was still pretty dang fun and it was nice to spend the time with a friend that I don't see too often.

I took pretty pictures at the observatory (this one is not mine); when I can actually get around to it I think I will put some up here.


Random Quote #32 of Many...

Dude, I don't know you but I'm going to do a publice service here. You overshare.

It's A Terrible Life


I Love You, Man

I really hope this movie is as good as I think it is going to be.


The Work Thing

The Work Thing
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So tomorrow I am back to the day job. Interesting stuff. I am sure there will be much to report. Right now I am just looking forward to seeing some friends & coworkers and eventually getting a pay check.

Here's to hoping the film career takes off soon.



What the heck is going on with Smallville?

That show used to be so good, and such a great addition to the Superman universe. Now it's changing the lore to the point that Clark isn't even Superman. Now doomsday is a main character, Clark has lost his secret identity and Lex isn't even on the show.

This show needs to die and it needs to die quickly.


Coolness from Twitter

This is from Jon Favreau's twitter page; they are on the set under construction for Iron Man 2, I belive this is Stark's mansion.Share photos on twitter with Twitpic


waiting for the call
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Nothing makes you feel more under qualified for life than job searching. Geeze. On top of that depressing activity I’m still dealing with my mom’s health issues which are a whole other kind of depressing and scary and post on End which means that I’m doing way too much to coordinate all the balls I have in the air.

I just need to get my movie finished and at least get some interviews because I am already here for my mom.

If ever I needed God’s help it is now.



I really think that people need to stop being so stupid. Barbie isn't getting a tramp stamp, or even a devil tattoo or something - it's stickers of butterflies, and glittery objects. Dear goodness, they can see worse walking down the street.


No Line On The Horizon

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The new U2 album hit today. I will spend a nice afternoon listening happily to it while I clean. I've already been pouring over the lyrics book.

I love this band. They even look cool don't you think?