I'm still only working part time and have not gotten crazy with job interviews yet. As a result, I'm really freakin' bored.

The last time I only worked part time I was in college, so I didn't have time to be bored. I had class and homework making me go mad. I couldn't be bored.

But now no such luck. I am bored.

I seriously feel like if I have to spend much more time hanging out at my house (as I have no money to do anything else) I might turn into Jack Nicholson in The Shining. All though in this case it means all play and no work makes Megan a dull girl.

I've been applying for jobs like mad for about a week now, and haven't gotten any call backs yet. I'm sure I will, but I am not a patient person and this really sucks.

I need to find new ways to amuse myself.


Random Quote # 4 of Many

Janitor: That my friends is a roof toilet.

Dr. Kasey: You say that like it's a normal thing.

My Porcelain God



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I've had a crush on a boy for awhile now. I know I need to give it up as I am really dang sure he has no interest in me whatsoever.

The thing is that he's in my head now and I can't seem to get him out. It's just times like this that I feel like such a girl and I hate that. But I *really* like him. I just need to stop.

My comfort is the fact that I know God has a purpose for everything and I can therefore get over him.


Happy New Year 2008

Happy New Year 2008
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I absolutely hate making New Year's resolutions. I think that they are pointless and no one is capable of keeping them. However, that does not mean that the New Year cannot be a great opportunity to create new changes in your life.

Case in point: while slightly coincidence I am looking to find a new full-time job this year. I spent a year and a half working at a company that I loathed. It made me miserable. I made some absolutley wonderful friends that I have been able to keep (mostly), but other than that the year and a half were wasted by me sitting at a desk doing something that I hated. It had nothing to do with my career goals and I basically spun my wheels.

What I want to do is be a film director. I am currently a director, but I am not paid for what I do. My previous job was nothing but a road block.

So I quit, and now I am working to actually find a job somewhere in line with my career goals. Though basically that could be a receptionist at a production company and I would be way closer than my other job put me. On top of this, I just want a job that won't make me miserable. I'd actually like to go there every day. Shocking concept huh.

It's just happenstance that my job search will probably pay off in the new year. God has a funny way of doing things and I just need to follow along.

What can I say? I'm praying for positive change int he New Year, not some crummy surface-resolution that I can't keep.