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Howdy dear readers. In a effort to stay up on new internet fads and technology this blog is being merged with The Director's Narrative and is being moved to Tumblr at directorsnarrative.tumblr.com.

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Kansas City BBQ
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I want to be elsewhere right now so bad.

I just want life to move forward in a positive way.

I want to be a grown up.


I Want!!!

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I have this whole list of things to happen when I finally get my own space. Ways I want to decorate, what I want to cook, things I want to buy, etc. High on my list is a dog.

I want a puggle.

I wasn’t super aware of the breed until I Love You Man came out (great movie BTW), but now I want one badly!!!!

The cross of a beagle and a pug – sooooo cute! How could that not be adorable???? But where can I get one in Southern California? Not that I don’t have plenty of time to figure that out…


Random Quote #53 of Many...

Sam: Should...um...Are we going to kill this teddy bear?
Dean: How? Shoot it? Burn it?
Sam: I don't know. Both?
Dean: We don't know if that's going to work. I don't want some giant, flaming, pissed-off teddy on our hands.

Wishful Thinking


Next Year

Convention Center
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So it's only May...Comic Con hasn't even happened yet...and I am planning on heading to Wonder Con already. It isn't until next spring. Oh boy do I want to go. It seems like it's what Con was when I first started going in high school.

I won't be forsaking Con - because goodness knows I love Comic-Con and will go until I can't any longer - but Wonder Con is making some waves.

It will be cool to be in Frisco for a long weekend.


Wars v. Trek

I would have liked to be a fly on the wall in that meeting.



So I just found out that our entry for the half-marathon wasn't recieved in time. They are already sold out.

However, I've enjoyed the training and gettin out doors and in shape so I am going to keep it up. I will be sticking to parts of the training but able to actually work on my endurance with running which I wasn't able to do while pushing to get into a half-marathon in June.

Maybe I will be able to start running more than half a mile without killing my legs! And now I have no deadline!



Our Direction
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I need a little of this right now. Which way is up? Where do I go from here? What's next...


Tax Day

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It’s tax day today which is all kinds of fun. I will be getting a refund but I finally decided that I have to put my refund towards my credit card bill so I can get out of debt in that area. My car payment and student loans will be with me for awhile no matter what I do, but the credit card I can easily manage.

Oh what it would be like to finally get a raise and not have to worry as much about things like that… But I am adult enough to know that no matter how much money I have I will probably never think it’s enough.


Random Quote #52 of Many...

Taylor: Some of us have businesses that don't involve peddeling drug paraphanelia to kids.
Andrew: It was a lava lamp Taylor.
Taylor: There is no use for a lava lamp unless you're on drugs.

Gilmore Girls


April Fools

I love Google sometimes. They have a sense of humor.



tax time
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I'm going to be getting a decent sized refund on my federal taxes. Yay! Now I need to figure out what to do with it... My initial reaction is to buy the D-SLR I really want but the responsible half of my brain is telling me to use it to start really paying off my credit card debt so that I can then save up for the things I want to buy.

Being a grown up is tough. At least I have until I get the check to decide what to do.

And get this - even though I am getting several hundred from the fed, I have to pay the state $17. How does that work? And why does the amount I owe the state always end with a 7???


I Wish

view from my workspace
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I have to get out of my work situation but it seems like I am stuck. When I apply for things I never hear anything and my film is not getting any traction. Therefore I am a rat in a maze unable to do anything but repeat the same pattern over and over again.

How much would I rather jump into this photo and be able to be inspired here and work at something I love? You have no idea.

I am tired. Tired of being drained, squelched, complained at and angry that I watch the same patterns at work over and over again.

I want to be over it.

I want to move on.

God please help me.


New Craziness

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So my coworkers have talked me into it I think. I think I will be doing the Rock N Roll Half Marathon in San Diego in June.


The part that scares me is training. But if I can stick tot he training I can do it!!!



Welcome to the Gaslamp
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I am seriosuly pining to be in San Diego at the moment. I love the atmosphere there and the city and everything about it. I feel a trip in my near future. I just have to go and go soon.

I should just move there. Maybe I can have an artist pad there one day in downtown.



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This is what I really want right now. But as I am trying to be a good girl, do my body good and loose some weight I will be avoiding the urge to stop at a grocery store on my way home tonight. In fact I think I am gonig to cut this blog entry short because this picture alone is making me even more hungry than I already am.




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A new, pretty camera is high on my wish list. I am currently using a Cannon Digital Elph model that's almost 5 years old and it's getting to the point where it's starting to show its age. I think it's time that I use my photographic talents to their fukk extent and upgrade.

I want the Cannon Rebel. I like Cannon and the Rebel is the most bang for the buck I can afford to shell out. I am really hoping I can put some funds together by the summer to get it. Maybe there will be a nice holiday sale come Memorial Day or Fourth of July...


END Following

So my film END now has a facebook and twitter. Please follow us or become a fan!

END Facebook
END Twitter

Thank you all!


Oscar You Done Me Wrong

I love Oscar posters. Through time they've been really different and fun. I even have one in my poster collection. Here's some I found, I think you'll agree they're interesting.








All of them are pretty cool right? Graphic, fun, and posters you'd want to display. And then there's 2010...

This looks like an advertisement from TV Guide!


July 2010

Harley & Robin
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How is it that I am already excited for Comic-Con? Hotel registration may only be a few weeks away but Con itself is five months away.

This year I am hoping to get a hotel as good as last years and to hopefully get my film into the Comic-Con film festival. I think that's part of what's fueling my excitement, but also the fact that it's been in the news because other cities are trying to lure Con away from San Diego. I don't think that wil ever happen.



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It's my last furlough day this Friday. So the question becomes - to Vegas or not to Vegas?



I'm fifty days into my 365 project. I'm trying to push myself more artistically this time and I think it's working, I've really been looking forward to doing something artistic most days. It's hard to get good images seven days a week, especially with limited resources, but I am enjoying it and I hope I learn from it.

I really want to start concentrating on how to tell a story with images. That sounds crazy because I'm a director and I should already know how to do that but there's so many ways you have to master telling stories. My images can always be better and I can continue to push myself.




Run Dorothy...
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Seriously, there are tornado warnings in Orange County today. Seriously. Seriously?

I don't recall this ever happening in the entire time I've been alive (all of which I've been living in Orange County).

What is going on?



Hiked up a trail near the Hollywood Sign today in Griffith Park. Had lots of fun but am now exhausted.


Rock & Hard Place

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No matter how often I have this feeling, it doesn't get easier to deal with. I wish life weren't so exhausting sometimes. It get's hard to see the bright side of things when nothing good happens for a very long time.


Etsy Update

I've been adding new items to my etsy shop. I would really like if I could actually manage to make etsy into something where I can share my art. If you would like to view my shop you can by clicking on the etsy mini in the right hand panel of this blog or by clicking here.