The Rent

I'm directing a short/indie TV pilot tomorrow. Low budget at it's best. I am excited.


Random Quote #6 of Many...

"Only a teenage boy would agree to this: decieving both of our parents while repairing dangerous vehicles using money meant for my college education. He didn't see anything wrong with that picture. Jacob was a gift from the gods."

New Moon
Stephenie Meyer


Viral Marketing

Project 365 - Day 92, originally uploaded by mrbosslady.

It was released that on April Fools day something was going to be happening with the viral marketing going on for The Dark Knight; after all, the Joker seems born for April Fools. A new viral website was passed out - Clown Travel Agency. Then a time was bandied about: 3 pm EST.

So like a dutiful geek I logged on to said viral website at work and watched the progress. At first it was just a suitcase with an envelope...then the envelope opened and a note came out prompting people to be the first one to the location to clam a prize and then we'd "have a ball". This faded into a list of vague location where slowly for the next three or so hours passport stamps appeared next to each location until the list was full. Then the craziness started.

A new letter from the person we assume to be the Joker appeared and we were all to go to a new website, and we'd help him hack a security system. This letter urged us to make sure we used a real e-mail and phone number and not to worry.

As my geek curiosity was completely peaked I eventually made it on the geek-logged site and was not dissapointed. After providing my name, e-mail and phone number my cell immediately rang with a call from Acme Security asking for my password, which the Joker had been so kind to provide us with. This password led to me being greeted by Sargent Jim Gordon of the Gotham P.D. and warned that I was now working for him because the alternative was jail.

Comissioner Gordon was on my cell phone. I am a geek hard core.