Run Dorothy...
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Seriously, there are tornado warnings in Orange County today. Seriously. Seriously?

I don't recall this ever happening in the entire time I've been alive (all of which I've been living in Orange County).

What is going on?



Hiked up a trail near the Hollywood Sign today in Griffith Park. Had lots of fun but am now exhausted.


Rock & Hard Place

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No matter how often I have this feeling, it doesn't get easier to deal with. I wish life weren't so exhausting sometimes. It get's hard to see the bright side of things when nothing good happens for a very long time.


Etsy Update

I've been adding new items to my etsy shop. I would really like if I could actually manage to make etsy into something where I can share my art. If you would like to view my shop you can by clicking on the etsy mini in the right hand panel of this blog or by clicking here.