July 2010

Harley & Robin
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How is it that I am already excited for Comic-Con? Hotel registration may only be a few weeks away but Con itself is five months away.

This year I am hoping to get a hotel as good as last years and to hopefully get my film into the Comic-Con film festival. I think that's part of what's fueling my excitement, but also the fact that it's been in the news because other cities are trying to lure Con away from San Diego. I don't think that wil ever happen.



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It's my last furlough day this Friday. So the question becomes - to Vegas or not to Vegas?



I'm fifty days into my 365 project. I'm trying to push myself more artistically this time and I think it's working, I've really been looking forward to doing something artistic most days. It's hard to get good images seven days a week, especially with limited resources, but I am enjoying it and I hope I learn from it.

I really want to start concentrating on how to tell a story with images. That sounds crazy because I'm a director and I should already know how to do that but there's so many ways you have to master telling stories. My images can always be better and I can continue to push myself.