Halloween part 1

Just a taste of Halloween at work. More later.


Random Quote #19 of Many...

"So it’s preserving the soul of the experience while having enough reference, so that there are moments where the fans are rewarded for having followed his stories are so long and not frustrated by that. Often times people who are fans of comic books go see the movie and enjoy it less than people who don’t know anything about the heroes because they’re so frustrated by how many leaps and liberties they took with the source material."

Jon Favreau on Iron Man


Something to Rember on Election Day

Flag II
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Tuesday is FINALLY the day we get to vote for the next president. It's been almost two years of campaigning and recently FAR too many people panicking. I just want people to remember to breathe and that despite what anyone says this is not the most crucial election in our history or any dirividation there of.

I normally hate the kind of list below, but I would like a lot of people to keep the below in mind while they watch the election coverage.

Top 10 Predictions
No Matter Who Wins the Election

1. The Bible will still have all the answers.

2. Prayer will still work.

3. The Holy Spirit will still move.

4. God will still inhabit the praises of His people.

5. There will still be God-anointed preaching.

6. There will still be singing of praise to God.

7. God will still pour out blessings upon His people.

8. There will still be room at the Cross.

9. Jesus will still love you.

10. Jesus will still save the lost.



Random Quote # 18 of Many...

"You know you've reached rock bottom when you're told you have character flaws by a man who hanged his predecessor in a military coup. "

Charlie Wilson
Charlie Wilson's War


Day Dreaming

Pictures like this make me envious. I cannot wait until the day that I get to sit inside a genuine set for one of my films and discuss everything with the actors before we play out a scene. I mean I've done this before, but not on a set with a large budget, full construction and art department, and had a completely original creation that so completely emmerses you in another world.

I want that bad.



What happened to NBC? This is a serious question. A few years ago I had faith in the network; it seemed that it was committed to making sure it put quality programs back on the airwaves, not just insipid scripted shows or reality based ones – it actually wanted to make the audience smarter in the shows they watched.

For the 2006/2007 season they hit the airwaves hard with their fall lineup and had a slew of new original programming and from what I saw it was all good; they had Heroes, Friday Night Lights, Kidnapped, 30 Rock, & Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip. Almost all of their new shows were critically acclaimed and praised beyond belief, and there was not a reality show among them. I almost had faith in network TV again. But sadly, most of their new shows except Heroes and 30 Rock did not gain the viewship they deserved and were canceled despite this acclaim.

Last year, NBC’s lineup of new shows was not quite as strong, they were not quite as daring as the year before but they were still trying. For the 2007 season they premiered Bionic Woman, Chuck, Journeyman, Life & Lipstick Jungle. These shows were not quite as strong as the previous season, but were decently unique and have lasted longer than they might have otherwise because of the fear of the writer’s strike and the network knew they had no new programming waiting in the wings if they canceled these. The problem was Bionic Woman had the marks of a show tampered with by the network and ended up canceled and Journeyman was really good but too complex for most audiences and was canceled. My main problem was that the new shows they kept possibly didn’t deserve to be kept; Chuck I have no opinion of, but Life was far too strange and scattered to be kept in my opinion and Lipstick Jungle felt like nothing new or original to me – just another sad attempt at a Sex and the City. But again, NBC tried. Who knows what would have played out last season if it weren’t for the strike.

That brings us to the 2008 season. NBC’s lineup of new shows was interesting to say the least: My Own Worst Enemy, Kath & Kim, Knight Rider & Crusoe. I know that the strike probably effected the availability of new shows to some extent, but I kind of feel like NBC scraped the bottom of the barrel to get these shows.

From what I’ve seen My Own Worst Enemy is probably the best of the bunch, but it’s poorly executed. Beyond the good performance of Christian Slater the pilot was lack luster not leaving me with any reason to tune into the show again next week. Kath & Kim I dislike on concept – not what the show is actually about, but the fact that it is based on a show from I believe Australia or New Zealand. I wish Molly Shannon and Selma Blair the best but now that DVD makes international television shows to readily available I really don’t see the point of using the concept from another country’s show – the audience can see it by just getting the DVD’s. But either way, these are the better options for new shows on NBC.

Now we come to the bad options. Knight Rider. Maybe NBC got wind that the CW was doing a spin-off/sequel to 90210 and decided they needed to bring an old show back too, but Knight Rider? The testing-the-waters movie they did last season was terrible enough they decided to go ahead and launch it into a new series? This show has been panned by everyone and I do not expect it to last long as long as SAG does not strike.

That brings us to Cursoe. I have not seen this show yet as it premieres tonight, but from the few reviews I’ve read and what I know of the concept I really wish that they hadn’t made it. Robinson Cursoe is stuck on an deserted island for twenty years trying to get home ala Ulysses only Ulysses got to travel – Cursoe stayed put. My own doubts were echoed in several reviews I read that basically said the show was downright laughable.

I feel bad for NBC. They used to be the best network on television in my opinion. They had such greats as ER (when it was good, before the entire original cast left), Friends, Seinfeld, Scrubs, News Radio and a slew of other shows that will stand the test of time…now they are relying on Deal or No Deal as their ratings clincher.

I think Conan O’Brien put it best in the video below. Sorry NBC.


Another Law Suit

Lady Justice
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Okay, a lot of you might have already heard about this, but I still find it funny. A senator is trying to sue God.


This senator claims “God has made terroristic threats against the senator and his constituents in Omaha, inspired fear and caused ‘widespread death, destruction and terrorization of millions upon millions of the Earth's inhabitants.’" This suit was just thrown out because “the Almighty wasn't properly served, because of his unlisted home address.” Read the whole AP story here. I guarantee you it is worth your time.

I am a religious person, a Christian who believes in God and Jesus as the Messiah with all my heart. However, let’s look at this from an outside standpoint. By placing the law suit the senator is acknowledging God exists; he is acknowledging that God has power to do great and terrible things – that’s why he’s trying to take an injunction against Him.

Looking at those facts even if you don’t call yourself a Christian wouldn’t you be a little scared of the god that you were suing? You’re blaming him for haneous acts, terror, violence, death…and you want to put a lawsuit against him??? To me I think it would be like being a witness against the mob; they’ve done terrible stuff and you’re afraid of them so most people wouldn’t do it because they are afraid they’d end up on a hit list and be retaliated against.

So I guess what I am really saying is by not being afraid of punishment from this god that he’s pegged as so vengeful and terrible isn’t he kind of saying he doesn’t believe either in this god or that this god is a terrible enough god to strike back against him?

So Excited...Such a Geek

I am a little sad I have to wait 7 more months to see this movie. I think it's going to be phenominal; it has been a long time since I've been this excited about anything Star Trek related. Plus the more I see of him the more I think Zachary Quinto is hot, even with Vulcan ears.


Sad, but True

Found online. Sad, but funny. Seriously. Look up the man online if you don't know who he is.


Idol Sighting

I saw Baz Lurhmann tonight!!! I am always amazed when I see the people I idolize in flesh and blood. They still don't seem quite real to me. I only hope that some day I can address him as a peer.


Politics 2

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Another in the long line of reasons to hate politics.

Why are they doing this to my icon! Don't defile Superman's image with anyone real who has not played the man of steel.

Release Superman!

I cannot wait until the dang election is over. I hate this time period. Elections stink.

If you grew up in my house you'd understand.



Sarah Palin's legs
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I do not voluntarily align myself with any political party. I think they all stink. I hate politics because it's always the same, no one ever actually makes a difference, and it's all a matter of what candidate makes the most promises that we all know they will actually break. They know they're lying all the way through the election, we know they are lying and yet people go all crazy about the candidates.

What is driving me the most nuts about the current election is the fascination with Sarah Palin. Has anyone in the democratic party realized that she is the VP candidate not the Presidential candidate???

Why the heck has the democratic party shifted almost all focus off McCain to center on Palin? Unless McCain dies in office she is not the decision maker? Besides, has anyone noticed the humor in this situation?

Obama has gone around for months promising "change" without managing to tell us what this change is and he picks a VP candidate that is basically John McCain. McCain goes around for months on his campain and picks a woman as his VP candidate. Who do you think made the more progressive choice?

I think "change" is just a nice catchy tagline to get people to vote without thinking.

I have not made up my mind on the election yet, but Obama better make some moves if he wants my vote. I don't like someone that would like to deal with memo's and language rather than decisive action.