Nightmare Before Christmas

For the second year in a row Tim Burton's The Nightmare Before Christmas has come back to theatre's in 3D. And yes, for the second year in a row I have gone and partaken in the studio's ploy to milk that film for money without ever having to put much money back into it.

What can I say? Every time the chorus of This is Halloween begins to swell I feel as giddy as the teen I was when I first saw Nightmare (when it was frowned upon by my parents).

The sad part is what fascinates me most is an unfinished theory about the subtext of the film that I develop more and more every time I watch the movie.

The Nightmare Before Christmas is about Jack's mid-life crisis and his search for God/faith - something more to believe. He becomes the instant convert who thinks works are what he needs and when that fails he finally realizes that he's been trying to do too much instead of letting the faith lead him. In the end the mid-life crisis is solved, Jack has his faith and vigor renewed and he's even better than before.

Film school did a number on me. But I love it.

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