I'm still only working part time and have not gotten crazy with job interviews yet. As a result, I'm really freakin' bored.

The last time I only worked part time I was in college, so I didn't have time to be bored. I had class and homework making me go mad. I couldn't be bored.

But now no such luck. I am bored.

I seriously feel like if I have to spend much more time hanging out at my house (as I have no money to do anything else) I might turn into Jack Nicholson in The Shining. All though in this case it means all play and no work makes Megan a dull girl.

I've been applying for jobs like mad for about a week now, and haven't gotten any call backs yet. I'm sure I will, but I am not a patient person and this really sucks.

I need to find new ways to amuse myself.

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