Sarah Palin's legs
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I do not voluntarily align myself with any political party. I think they all stink. I hate politics because it's always the same, no one ever actually makes a difference, and it's all a matter of what candidate makes the most promises that we all know they will actually break. They know they're lying all the way through the election, we know they are lying and yet people go all crazy about the candidates.

What is driving me the most nuts about the current election is the fascination with Sarah Palin. Has anyone in the democratic party realized that she is the VP candidate not the Presidential candidate???

Why the heck has the democratic party shifted almost all focus off McCain to center on Palin? Unless McCain dies in office she is not the decision maker? Besides, has anyone noticed the humor in this situation?

Obama has gone around for months promising "change" without managing to tell us what this change is and he picks a VP candidate that is basically John McCain. McCain goes around for months on his campain and picks a woman as his VP candidate. Who do you think made the more progressive choice?

I think "change" is just a nice catchy tagline to get people to vote without thinking.

I have not made up my mind on the election yet, but Obama better make some moves if he wants my vote. I don't like someone that would like to deal with memo's and language rather than decisive action.

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