Sucking the fun out of it

I feel a little bad for saying it, but I just can't not. Some people are just film snobs. The worst part is they don't even know it.

While I will be the first to argue for the phenominal film that no one in the mass audience likes, I also have to champion the big movies that so many film buffs are so ready to dismiss. Just because a movie comes out from January to October does not make it by rule a bad movie, and the critics that like it are not delusional. Some of these movies are genuinely good if not great.

Too many people I went to film school with lost the ability to have fun at the movies. They lost the ability to realize that they could sit back, have a blast and just enjoy where the movie they are watching take them and you can still keep your brain turned on while enjoying it. Behind the flash, special effects and hundreds of millions of dollars some of these movies are well written, thought out and genuinely good.

These are the movies that remind me why I got into the movies to begin with. These are the movies that excite you on a whole different level than an art or intellectual film can. They make you feel like a little kid who has discovered the movies all over again.

Please, when you watch movies this summer remember that yes, there are the Michael Bay's of the world, but there are also the Ron Howard's, JJ Abrams & James Cameron's. Try to let go and have some fun again.


Adam said...

Anyone particular been getting your goat lately?

Megan said...

No one in particular, more of a lot of people in little bursts - people I've worked with at a few jobs and school, been listening to them for a few months.

I think I become more irritable while in post-production. :)

Stefanie said...

I second your post. I'm tired of film snobs.