Movie Buddy

Seriously, I need a new movie buddy. I appreciate all my friends who say they'll go to the movies with me but in reality my taste in movies tends to scare them half the time. In response to that here's my "qualifications" for an ideal movie buddy.

  • Must enjoy seeing movies opening weekend, preferably opening day. Crowds should not be a deterrent. [Willing to see midnight screenings of anticipated movies is a major plus, but not necessarily required.]
  • Enjoys seeing movies that are in limited release, and occasionally willing to drive far to see them. [Ex: No Country for Old Men was first released only in LA, I drove to the ArcLight just to see it despite the fact that it would be in Orange County in a few weeks.]
  • Must display an interest in Flashback Features screenings, or at least a willingness to try them out.
  • Must have an interest in movies that pre-date 1995 or even 1975…
  • An extensive film vocabulary is a major plus, and if you’ve heard of or seen films that I haven’t that propels you into rock star status.
  • At least limited knowledge of foreign films & filmmakers is required. I can build on that.
  • Major plus if your DVD collection rivals mine.

*This list can be added to or altered at any time.

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erika_glenn.kara said...

i think i fit all qualifications except for the "film vocabulary" one. is living out of state a deterrent? i wish we had flashback features here.
and also, if you think waiting a few weeks for movies to come out is bad, don't come to Bend for too long.