Joaquin Phoenix is confusing me greatly. He is leaving acting for music. He’s announced this retirement.

What I cannot understand is that he’s so wholly dropping acting. I understand he’s been doing it for years and probably wants a new challenge, but he’s so dang good at it and hasn’t proved he’ll be a great musician yet – so why announce you’re giving up movies without establishing yourself in the other path?

As much as I love Phoenix I think this decision will probably end up in the category that all stars use for statements like this after they fall on their face – the “I didn’t really mean that, even though I said that” category.

Read the full story on cnn.com.

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Stefanie said...

Every time I see a news story about Joaquin retiring, I wonder if he is in his right mind or even serious. He even looks slight crazy in that picture. Are we all being punk'd?