Weekend Update

* My best friend passed the California Bar!!! Go Stefanie!!!
* The holidays have started at Disneyland. I went and it was gorgeous!
* I somehow lost an hour between 11:30 and 12:30 – can’t figure out how…Stefanie and I thought it was 11:30 when we were exiting Disneyland, and when we got to the car it was 12:30.

* Saw Madagascar 2 when I got together with my brother.
* Shopped around for odd sized frames for my graduation present – I graduated from college in 2005.
* Watched Brand Upon the Brain. That is a strange movie.

* Went shopping with my Mom.
* Bought the frames for my graduation present and framed the two sided Widescreen Film Festival poster from my senior year. Haven’t finished the framing for the WFF booklet – that’s a lot of work to pull it apart and lay it out. It will be huge.
* Decided I want a Christmas tree in my bedroom, a regular size one.
* Watched Strictly Ballroom to prepare for my Red Curtain Trilogy commentary for the feature of the month at Everything You Always Wanted to Know About Film*.
* Read some Sookie Stackhouse.
* Watched The Day the Earth Stood Still.

Reviews for my weekend movie watching will be up soon on The Director Is In.

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Nice plug for us!