Santa Claus...Ewww

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I hit a whole new level of disturbing over the weekend and I don’t think I can go back.

My grandfather played Santa Claus for his American Legion outpost. Not only did I not know this till I went to my grandparents house this weekend but I found out by being shown pictures of this Santa Claus. The new level of disturbing comes into play because he kept showing me the picture he liked of the hot female bartender who was wearing reindeer antlers sitting on his lap.

Those images stay with you forever. I’d really like to wash out my brain right now. Ugh.

The image to the right is not this picture. Even if I could share the actual image I would not – it’s too scarring.

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Stefanie said...

You told me this story yesterday, but reading it is making me laugh! I'm sorry. I probably wouldn't be laughing if I was in your shoes.