Going Paperless

Going Paperless
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So we started a new program at work this week that we were told would help us be paperless...the thing that I don't understand is that we are using just as much paper as ever, it's just getting printed at a different step.

I think it's false advertising.

Instead of myself and the other art coordinators taking care of printing the paperwork and letting the artists sift through the work stack and pull out jobs the jobs are electronically sorted and the artist prints out the order and the proof after they are done.

Seriously, how does that help cut down on paper?

Plus we've begun to encounter the fact that we are "paperless" but our clients are not all electronic so they are still faxing things to us and we had to figure out how to deal with that when that happens. We decided to scan the faxes and make them electronic, but we still have the original paper fax.

How are we saving paper?

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Stefanie said...

Wow. Obviously the people you work for aren't very bright. Don't let them know you're smarter than them because they won't like it!