This Week

Project 365 - Day 34
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I am exhausted.

This week has been a really damn hard week at work. Phoebe has been out sick all week leaving me and Andy to take care of the runnings of the art center, and Andy's time is really mostly devoted to our out sourced artists; wednesday my boss had jury duty too. So to make a long story short a lot fell on me this week. I'm not upset, I think I handled it pretty well and after a few minor crisies I think that everything smoothed out to a point that we were almost back on track by today. I even got commended by one of our customer care supervisors and got a gift card for my troubles on Wednesday.

All in all my life is in a much better place than it was when I was at Logomark. Still - I am exhausted from this week.

Tomorrow I was supposed to edit with my editor but he had an emergency today so we cancelled tomorrow and we will be editing again Sunday. Sadly, I am kind of glad I get to sleep in. Tomorrow night I also finally get to see Lauren play Dorothy in The Wizard of Oz.

So now I am off to sleep and rest up from the week. Over and out.


Stefanie said...

I'm glad you got through the week and God knows you need the extra sleep. I hope Bill's alright. I'm so excited to see Lauren perform!

LittleDreamer said...

Where are you working??