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So I have pretty much reached my limit with work.

I can only handle so much of what is being thrown at me simply due to my ability to actually get it done; this is because of a complicated mixture of the number of artists, my boss, my systems breaking, and the sheer volume of what is coming to me. I am actually purposefully not doing some things because I know if I do the really important things will not get done.

While I know this is nessecary it makes me mad because about a month ago nothing was this bad in this office. My boss put it best this morning when he said "We had an ideal - that's not what this is anymore and [clients] need to accept that".


Phoebe Jane said...

Ok, we have alot of cathching up to do just so I can understand that little convo with our boss.

It will happen soon enough. I'll be at work mana. Pick a place, I'll buy you lunch. I know it's been crazy.


Megan said...

I am just glad you are alive!