I knew it!

Okay, I have a low tolerance for stupidity. I know I do. If I have a character flaw that is it.

So when this girl came out and claimed she fell asleep while getting a face tattoo and woke up with a more extreme tattoo that she asked for I called foul. I watched Miami Ink and LA Ink - I know that they draw the tattoo on you, you have to approve it before they ink it. On top of that getting a tattoo is incredibly painful, and a face tattoo is even more painful.

There was no way unless that girl was drugged or high that she could possible sleep through a face tattoo.

When I heard she wanted stars tattooed on her face I immediately realized that she wanted to mimic the tattoos Kat Von D has on her face. But here’s the difference:

Kat: Pretty

Girl: Pretty Stupid

Sure enough, it came out that the girl was lying and didn’t fall asleep…she just lied when her parentals had a bad reaction to her prized tattoo.

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