“When you find yourself absent-mindedly swirling, sniffing, and slurping your milk glass, coffee cup, or soda can, you have reached the first level of expertise and commitment to appreciating fine wine.”

I have never been a big drinker, and maybe it’s the snob in me, but the only alcohol that really appeals to me on an intellectual level is wine. But I am such a dork that I would really like to know more about the appreciation process of wine before I jump into drinking it on a regular basis. As such I’ve started hunting for resources to learn more.

I found winepros.org which is pretty dang cool, and already feel like I know a little bit more to start appreciating wine. I think part of my desire to appreciate wine also comes from two independent films: Sideways and Bottle Shock. I also now really want to visit Napa.

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LittleDreamer said...

They say Sonoma county is the new Napa, and from what I saw I highly recommend it. Good champagne cellars too.