Comic Con 2008: Day 3

Saturday: Heroes, Lost, Terminator Salvation

I went to the Heroes panel last year and had a blast, so I had to go back this year. I was not disappointed even though the panel started late because the cast got stuck in the elevator. Tim Kring brought the entire cast, plus the entire season 3 premiere for us to watch.

Heroes: Villains is going to be amazing. I have not seen a better hour of television in a long time than that episode. At the season 2 panel Jeph Loeb asked us not to talk about the footage they showed, this time they pleaded with us to talk about the episode as Heroes will have been off the air for 9 months when it premieres.

The best part was that during the panel several cast members decided to tape the audience from the stage. That was funny, you could tell they were having so much fun. On top of that a kid went to the Q&A mike and told Zachary Quinto (the arch villain Sylar) that “Silo” was “the best hero ever!” The entire audience and Zachary could not stop laughing. When asked another question by the audience Zachary insisted on being called “Silo”.

I sat through the LOST panel even though I don’t watch the show because Christopher and Beth are fans. I appreciate the show, but I’ve had issues with how a season or two felt so muddled and off track. Last season rocked though. However, the panel was fun as two of the creators/exec producers were there and did a Q&A where they gave out odd prizes like a life vest & dry eraser signed by the writers. It was also “sponsored” by the Dharma Initiative as they are recruiting.

My favorite thing of the weekend had to be the panel for Terminator Salvation.

I will be the first to say that until Christian Bale was cast as John Connor I was beyond skeptical of this film. I really didn’t enjoy Terminator 3 that much and didn’t see a point to continuing the franchise without James Cameron. However, Bale picks his projects carefully so that really helped up my comfort level.

The only thing holding me back was McG being attached as the film’s director. I never really disliked him, but after the Charlie’s Angels films I just kind of thought he was Brett Ratner without the roughness around his edges; then I saw We Are Marshall and was blown away by the skill put into that film and the ability of McG to change genres so flawlessly – but I still didn’t see him making a decent Terminator film.

I was wrong. McG is going to make a GREAT Terminator film.

I was blown away by the knowledge and passion McG demonstrated for Terminator Salvation proves that he is not an idle director but one who does his homework, has inspiration, is a fan of the series and truly wants to make an excellent film. I sat with my jaw dropped as he explained the evolution of the machines and how that process went into the concept of where they would be at that point in the film, the makeup of the resistance fighters, the mental process of Connor, and the concept of a destiny/fate that cannot be avoided by the characters. Then he showed the footage and I got goose bumps it was that good. This is the war with the machines we all imagined it would be and not only that it is visually stunning. On top of all this the entire cast (minus Bale who was still doing international press for The Dark Knight) adores the project and you can tell.

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