Day 365

I am single. I am aware I am single. I am fine with this 364 days a year. The problem is that the 365th day is a doozy – Valentine’s Day.

Every Valentine’s Day companies suddenly force romanticism/coupleness on the world and ht entire world realizes that you are single and wants to do everything it can to make you feel awkward for it.

In elementary school you are forced to buy Valentine’s for your entire class. By the time you hit junior high the obligatory Valentine’s dance starts, and when you finally get to high school suddenly you have candy grams you can sent to class, along with everything else. Once I hit retail it became obvious that while no one cares what you do on your own 364 days of the year on Valentine’s Day suddenly people start making comments about what plans you have or God forbid if you work in retail (and are working that day) people start to lament to you about why you aren’t going out after work. When I hit college I not only got surrounded by Valentine’s memorabilia but suddenly even the Vagina Monologues came into the mix.

It’s gotten to the point that it invades every media outlet; there are stories on the news, suggestions on magazines, endless romantic movies, and special Valentine’s packaging on everything from snacks to DVD’s.

I just can’t hide from Valentine’s Day, even in my own home. When I logged onto my internet tonight I quickly discovered that not only did google have a special Valentine logo, but AOL completely changed its color scheme for the day of love.
I don’t know what bothers me more- that Valentine’s Day is invading my home or that I am surrounded by pink.

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