Red Carpet # 81

I am not what one would call a fashionista though I do believe my love of the visual arts makes me want to dress better as well as appreciate fashion, add this to the fact that I don’t hink I’ve missed a telecast of the Academy Awards since I was a child and of course I have an opinion on clothes that get worn on the red carpet.

Here’s my favorites of 2009.

Amy Adams: At first I wasn’t sure I was a fan of this dress, but the more I look at it the more I love it. It’s bubbly, youthful and everything you’d expect out of a young classy actress.

Daniel Craig: I’d be remiss if I didn’t mention a few boys that did a good job, Daniel Craig is one of them. Granted for James Bond to wear a tux well is a no brainer, but Craig still looks good in the completely classic ensemble.

Diane Lane: Thought Lane was on the arm of a nominee and not a nominee herself she was dressed well. Black is always in and this dress is wonderful for a woman of almost any age. I hope to look half as good when I finally get to the Oscars.

Evan Rachel Wood: While she didn’t garner any acclaim for her phenomenal performance in The Wrestler but I think this dress deserves some praise.

Kate Winslet: I loved this dress though I don’t think I could pull it off. The color, texture and asymmetry are to die for and doesn’t it look great with Oscar?

Marissa Tomei: I couldn’t wear this as I would trip constantly but the design and texture of this dress is beautiful. Asymmetry was definitely the way to go this year.

Mickey Rourke: What I love about this is that it’s definitely 100% Mickey but he still manages to look Oscar appropriate. If Mickey had tried to pull off a traditional tux it just wouldn’t have worked.

Meryl Streep: I don’t know if a dress like this would have worked on anyone else but I think it is very beautiful on Meryl.

Natalie Portman: I hate pink, but I don’t hate this pink. Portman looks like Audrey Hepburn for today and I am sure this gown will be remembered.

Robert Downey Jr.: I’m not sure what’s better, the fact that this contemporary, clean tux looks so good on RDj, or that he and his wife are obviously enjoying themselves.

Taraji P Henson: This is a beautiful dress even though I keep thinking it looks like chique mummy wrappings, but what I really love is that Taraji accessorizes with a red hand bag.

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LittleDreamer said...

Good picks. Kate looks fabulous and Daniel Craig...well he would look amazing in anything.