Hair Musings

I have naturally curly hair and what most people don't realize is that if you want to wear your hair curly there are not a lot of style examples to pull from. What do I mean? Think of your average fashion magizine and what types of hair do you see on the models when they are not grossly exagerated - Stick straight or artificial curls. Not even a natural wave in the bunch.

My hair also tends to do what I call poodling when it gets shorter. I think that term sounds like what it means. As such I haven't had my hair short since I was in junior high and I cut it all off in a boy cut - scratch taht - I cut it all off once more my freshman year in college and was sooo disturbed by it that I let it grow until my third or fourth year in college. It was half way down my back and insanely curly.

Anyway, I used to straighten my hair a lot or simply pull it back all the time. I've lost the fight against my curly hair. It won and I've decided I have to deal with it. So I am trying to work with the curl and I am learning new things and mainly what works for me. I think I am liking my hair better than I used to.

This all being said, I have been in LOVE with bobs since I was a kid and have never been able to get one. My new favorite - the angled bob. I saw a girl at church on Sunday that had one and her hair was a lot like mine, I now want that hair. I want to see if I can do it. And so I began an internet search. Again I found a lack of inspiration pictures but I found a few....

Amazingly I can't find a picture of anyone with a curly angled bob from the front, but I found lots of sides. If my hair can look like the below I kind of want to see if I can pull it off...I have a few weeks to decide if I am brave enough to do this. But then again, it's been a really long time since I made a genuinely stupid hair mistake...maybe it's time to make one again?


Stefanie said...

Jen wouldn't let you make a mistake. I've decided in the last few days that my hair needs to be cut. You want to go get your hair cut soon?

Megan said...

I can't until October. The way my furlough days for August and September lined up means I won't have the $$ for it till then.