I just started looking up more information for the final stages of my film. I really shouldn't do that yet as it is mind boggling.

I jsut spent a good deal of time absorbed in the American Film Market website. Obviously, my feature won't be completed in time to shop it at this years conference at the beginning of November; but by next November if I haven't found distribution yet that is definitely a way to proceed. An expensive way, but a way.

The most mind-boggling thing on there is that they have laid out steps for the first time attendee to follow if they intend to try and shop their project.

My brain now hurts.

I can only continue to pray that all the efforts of everyone involved in this project manage to come together the way I've been praying they are and that God does use this project to help us all jump into the careers we want instead of the jobs we work at now.

I am 26 years old and I am ready to stop pretending to enjoy my daily life; I am a director and I want to be one. I do not think that God would have given me this drive and passion if He didn't want me to do something with it.

So as I continue to pray, please join me in that effort.

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