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I hate watching the footage I've shot.

It's not that I dislike the footage, think it's bad or any other permentiation of the sort. In fact, from what I've seen on set I adore my footage. It's just that rewatching it stresses me out like nothing else.

I rewatch the footage and I start second guessing, trying to debate if the footage will cut together, did I get all the angles I need, etc. This feeling stays with me until I see the footage start to be put together in editing.

I think that one day, when I have a budget and know that I can afford to make little mistakes watching dalies and footage may not bother me as much on some levels; however, I do not think the complete concern over my job as a director will ever go away. That is with me until I see the fottage being put together by an editor.

The artistic process is made up of small stress moments for me. But I still love the process.

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