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I love myths & legends, and do think many of them have roots in reality. Personally, I do believe in Nessie. I know many of you will find what I am going to say next dumb in light of that admission.

I think that Big Foot is a myth. In a country as densely populated as the United States, with logging, and other numerous forms of enviromental destruction that goes on here in our wooded areas someone would have found the Sasquatch years ago.

Instead, every single time someone has come out claiming to have found "evidence" of the real Big Foot it has been uncerimoniously debunked as fake. In my lifetime alone I remember there being "evidence" of Big Foot's foot prints that turned out to be made with a cement press or something to that effect, and more conclusive evidence showing the classic video of walking Big Foot to be a man in a suit, just like the gorilla's in Congo.

So imagine my skepticism when I saw on CNN.com today that low and behold two Georgia residents have the body of a Big Foot shoved in a freezer and will be revealing undisputible evidence today. They know where the Big Foot den is as well but are refusing to reveal it's location out of "respect" for the creatures...yet they're trying to make money off of the body. Contridiction much?

Pardon me if I am wrong as this is unresearched, but I thought Big Foot was theorized to live in the pacific north west - so what the heck is a Big Foot den doing in Georgia? Did they migrate from Washington, traveling across the flat plains of the mid-west until finally saying "Ah, the land of Peaches. This will be our new home, surely the men in white cowls burning crosses will leave us alone out of respect for our habitat."

Please. I think that Rick Baker pulled off a better Sasquatch in Harry & the Hendersons than the guys in these photos did.