For Those of You Paying Attention

This is my last few days before photography begins on my film. It's going to be an exhausting endeavor, but it's going to be fun and the end product is going to be so worth my time.

Anywho, the next month or so is going to be a whirry-wind of busy for me, so I don't know how good I will be at keeping in touch unless you are actually involved in my movie. Sorry. What I really came here to say is that I would appreciate all of your thoughts and prayers as I go into filming. My person prayer requests are that I keep up my strength, be a good leader and that my cretivity keeps flowing through the entire process. For my cast and crew I'd like if you would pray for the same. It's going to be long days, and close quarters and all that goes along with the constant creative process. Please pray that we avoid problems, etc. on set as well and that the shoot would go as smoothly as God will allow it.

Thank you all and I will try to keep my blogs posted on the process. So many of you have already been helpful beyond anything I could ever expect and I thank you for that.

Speaking of which, the movie has a blog to keep people updated: http://endmovie.blogspot.com/

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