Okay, i know I am making a movie and working a day job but I am exhausted. Don't get me wrong, this is a great, but very tiring thing to do.

I am putting all of my energy into my film and that leaves very little left for the day to day function of life.

What can I say?

This must be done in order for me to be a successful director. Right now, my "day job" is not the job I expend my energy at. I spend my time working hard at work, then going home to work harder on my film.

Don't worry about me though. While I will continue to be exhausted for awhile, I do believe the worst of it will be over when I am out of production and on to post. The schedule will be a bit looser and I will not be stuck inside a sweaty, sticky house for hours on end.

I am enjoying myself though - at the movie, not the day job.

So friends, continue praying for my film and me, but don't worry. "It's all going to be okay".

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